Aqua Clear
Aquatic, Non-Selective Weed Killer
Aqua clear is a non-selective, aquatic herbicide, which is used to control floating and submerged weeds. When used as a directed this product will kill almost all forms of plant growth without damage to the soil. Absorption and herbicide action is usually quite rapid with effects visible in a few days. This product is deactivated on contact with the soil.

Weed Killer and Soil Sterilant
This non-selective and residual herbicide is to be used as a spray to kill vegetation on non-cropland areas. BVK-94 is formulated for industrial and municipal weed control, and designated for use in areas where all vegetation is to be killed. This product is ready-to-use, contains 2, 4-D and is bromacil based. EPA registered.

Emulsifiable Vegetation Killer
LVK-101 is a concentrated, 4.66% prometon, nonselective total weed killer. Dilutes 1:10 with water to 1250 square feet of turf. Controls a wide variety of annual and perennial grasses and weeds. Kills through foliage contact and root absorption.

Super Wet
Concentrated surfactant-based wetting agent for a variety of industrial, institutional and agricultural uses. Super Wet reduces soil and water tension. Helps reduce soil compaction or hardness. Also helps to increase the effectiveness of fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

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