Biological Waste Degrader
Bea-Zyme is a technological breakthrough representing extensive laboratory research by our team of experienced scientists and researchers. In addition to the diastatic, proteolytic, amylolytic and lipolytic activity of our other products, Bea-Zyme has an added catalyst which degrades toilet tissue overnight. This product is designed to function synergistically as a biological augmentation to the process of natural waste degradation.

Big Red Floating Solvent
A no scrubbing cleaner and degreaser that floats on top of water, cleaning and degreasing the sides and mechanisms in lift stations and wet wells. Also acts as an odor blanket.

A non-fuming, thermo-chemical drainline maintainer and opener, Blitz is a citrus scented pelleted drain opener that attacks the key sources of stopped or slow moving drains (hair, soap scum and slime) to restore full flow to the drain. Blitz is safe for septic systems, plastic and metal pipes.

Drain Eze
Non-acid, non-fuming drain opener quickly removes grease, hair, lint, vegetable and other organic matter.

A concentrated sulfuric acid with excellent inhibitors to protect metal pipes from acid action. Quickly dissolves blockages in sink drains, floor drains and toilets.

H.P. 88 Sewer Solvent
A granular or beaded solvent that dissolves tree roots, grease and most other blockages in sewer lines, parking lot drains and large floor drains. Controlled time release action keeps H.P. 88 working longer on obstructions.

Lift Station Degreaser
A floating degreaser and cleaner for lift stations and wet wells. Lift Station Degreaser gives continuous automatic cleaning and degreasing for lift station walls, floats, pumps and other mechanisms.

Power Blocks

A super-concentrated enzyme packed into a selfdissolving block, Power Blocks are formulated for fast and continuous removal of grease and organic material from grease traps, wet wells, lift stations, etc. Power Blocks will lower B.O.D. levels in effluent, reduce or eliminate grease trap odors, save on costly cleaning of grease traps and drain lines. Power Blocks will work in hot or cold water. Available in different sizes for your application.

A revolutionary new approach to grease waste elimination. This microbiological breakthrough allows the natural ability of bacteria/enzymes to digest and degrade waste, even in the presence of bleach, alkali, disinfectant, chlorine, chlorinated dishwash soap and heat to 180°F. Will work when others won’t. USDA approved.

A powdered enzyme for use in sewage treatment plants, drain fields, septic tanks, drain lines and many other areas. Contains all five enzymes for fast, effective results. USDA approved.

Safe Flo
A dual-purpose liquid alive bacteria that instantly controls odors and liquifies waste. Non-polluting, safe, non-acid and non-alkaline. An excellent drain maintainer that contains all five enzymes for superior performance. USDA approved.

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