A heavy-duty industrial strength gel degreaser that quickly dissolves and removes grease, tar, asphalt, road oil, roofing compound, road bugs, bitumen, etc. Clings to vertical and horizontal surfaces to control usage and avoid excessive runoff. Self-indicating white gel turns color of soil to indicate solvent activity. Water-emulsifiable, flushes off easily. Safe and effective on most surfaces.

A powerful, fast-acting, foam cleaner that cuts through grease, dirt and grime on all hard surfaces. Foam clings to vertical surfaces to allow for quick spot cleaning. Deodorizes as it cleans, leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.

A high-power foam cleaner that clings to all surfaces and immediately goes to work. Will not attack paint while removing wax build-up. Contains no harsh or foul chemical odors. Use on baseboards, corners, edges, stairs, tile and porcelain. Effective on most floor finishes.

A natural citrus base product that is an excellent degreaser, declogger and deodorizer. Easily emulsifies with water. Exhibits excellent degreasing action on solvent base spots and stains. Regular use will keep drains clean, deodorized and free flowing. Controls odor around sewage treatment plants, dumpsters and landfill areas while not affecting bacterial action.

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