AP Sealer
AP Sealer saves work since fewer finish coats are required. Restores color to old, tired-looking floors. Makes any wax or finish used over AP Sealer look great. Simple to use, dries quickly.

Amazing White Polish
The greatest breakthrough in floor finish technology since the development of zinc crosslinking. Wear properties and gloss retention are dramatically superior to finishes based on any previous chemistry. Achieves “wet look” gloss with the use of low and high speed spray buffing and ultra high speed burnishing. Contains new thermodynamic polymers (TDP) which impart resistance to abrasion and high temperatures.

Carpet & Spot Remover
This uniquely formulated product is a blend of effective dry and wet cleaning compounds and degreasers that quickly remove spots and stains caused by grease, oil, dirt, mud, salt, ketchup, coffee, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, chocolate, urine, blood and vomit. Power-deodorizes with malodor counteractants as it penetrates and cleans, without leaving residue. Freshens and brightens as it restores nap and texture.

Blue Magic
A non-filming, non-corrosive cleaner that has a pH of exactly 7.0. It emulsifies oils, grease, cutting oil and other forms of organic and inorganic soil. Blue Magic leaves no film or alkaline residue so it is ideal for damp mopping.

Carpet Cleaning Concentrate
A concentrated liquid compound composed of alkaline builders, penetrants, cleaning solvents and emulsifiers. Use in carpet steamer and for mop-on spray or spray pad applications. Use for spot cleaning or pre-cleaning traffic lanes. Low foam. Contains an optical brightener to make light carpets look brighter.

This concentrated product may be used anywhere that suds cause a problem. It quickly penetrates and breaks down bubbles. No solvents, caustic, acids or fumes.

Oil Modified Urethane
Oil Modified Urethane gives protection and beauty to concrete and wood. It forms a tough, high-gloss finish that lasts and lasts. It features easy maintenance, easy application and antipollution solvents.

Extractor Rug Shampoo
This rug shampoo restores carpeting to its original cleanliness by removing old shampoo build up, lime deposits, salt, grease, soil and residue. Restore has built in optical brighteners to bring back colors in your carpets. Contains corrosion inhibitors and softening agents. For portable or truck mount extraction units.

Safe Step
This product removes slippery grease and soapy build-up from quarry tile and concrete floors. It deep cleans by penetrating and reopening the pores of the floor. May be used straight or diluted. Easy-to-use and economical.

Strip Eze
Efficient removal of all water-based floor waxes, floor finishes and floor sealers, including waterbased urethanes. Because of its no rinse stripper chemistry, any remaining Strip Eze residue evaporates, leaving floor neutral and ready for refinishing.

Tough Stuff & Tougher Stuff
Non-flammable, Non-toxic, Water-base Urethane
These products are exceptionally durable and abrasion resistant. Easy to apply, easy to maintain. Dries quickly to a very high shine.

Twist & Shout Carpet & Fabric Wipe
A ready-to-use carpet and fabric wipe premoistened with a spotter, deodorizer, multiple enzymes and a protectant. Twist & Shout will remove a stain or spot, deodorize and leave a protectant to resist soiling.

Spot Not
Spot Not contains a proprietary odor counteractant enabling it to deodorize while it removes stains. Cleans soiled traffic lanes, pet stains, upholstery and fabrics. Safe to use on all water-safe carpets, including those with stain resistant warranties.

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