This instant hand sanitizing gel is formulated with 60% ethyl alcohol for use in situations where water is unavailable. Leaves hands soft and smooth. Helps meet OSHA’s standard for bloodborne pathogens.

High Five
Pre-moistened towels provide fast, easy and effective waterless hand cleaning. Can be used anywhere to remove paint, printers ink, grease, tar, adhesives, sealants, caulk and most other common soils associated with the industrial environment. Also for use by gardeners and landscapers. Pre-moistened towels are excellent for cleaning dirt, grease, and oil from hard nonporous surfaces such as tools, engine parts and countertops. Pre-moistened towels are powerful and safe leaving hands clean, dry and soft. Each canister contains 72 perforated, easy-tear towels.

Premium Hand Soap
A high quality, softly perfumed, frosty blue hand and body shampoo. Ideal for light hand washing and showering. The rich, creamy lather leaves skin clean and refreshed.

Korn Scrub
Using the finest grade of natural corn cob scrubbers, pH balanced detergents and mild solvents, Korn Scrub gently removes the toughest, deeply embedded soils without damaging the skin. Natural oils and emollients condition and moisturize while an anti-bacterial agent offers personal protection. Contains no harsh ingredients or strong petroleum solvents. Dispenser sold separately.

Mytee Nice
A versatile product for industrial or office use. Works fast to liquefy and emulsify dirt and soil. Special concentrated blend of citrus oils cuts through and removes grease, carbon, paint, adhesives, tar and grime. Pleasant orange fragrance. Does not contain solvents so you can use it in the office or on the road without water because MYTEE-NICE’s oils do the cleaning…not the water. Petroleum solvent free. Non-abrasive.

Skin Shield Cream
An invisible protective cream, which shields the skin from contact with acids, salts, corrosive alkalis, epoxies and other water or oil soluble chemicals. Forms a highly protective barrier between skin and dirt, oil, grease, solvent, resins, tar, ink and shop grime.

Smooth Scrub
A heavy-duty hand cleaner for the tough jobs, Smooth Scrub effectively removes grease, oil, paint and more without the use of petroleum solvents, plastics or phosphates which can leave hands feeling dry and rough. Smooth Scrub is enriched with natural soybean oils to soften and moisturize skin and leaves no sticky residue. Available in a fresh orange fragrance.

Triple Crown
Heavy duty detergents clean thoroughly. Rich lather and tiny scrubbers work together to dig out and float away tough soils. Solvent free—will not leave skin dry or irritated. Contains the antiseptic, germicide, antimicrobial ingredient PCMX (Parachlorometaxylenol). PCMX’s broad spectrum of microbial activity has proven itself effective against every vegetative microorganism tested to date. Enriched with skin conditions Lanolin (an emollient that conditions and softens skin) and Glycerin (a humectant that helps skin retain natural moisture).

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