Lithium E.P. Grease with Moly
A lithium stearate soap-base, blue grease that has been fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Gives extra anti-wear protection under heavy or shock load conditions. The moly will actually “plate out” in the parts and withstand pressure up to 500,000 pounds per square inch, thus reducing friction to give extended equipment life.

Moly-Grease — Heavy Duty
A non-melting gray-colored lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide. Fortified to provide antiwear and low friction performance through a wide temperature range. Reduces friction and protects against excessive wear from extreme loads, galling and seizing. “Plates out” on metal surfaces, imparting extra protection to the parts and extending the lubrication cycle. Resistant to most acids, salt spray, steam, dirt, dust, water, oxidation and weather.

Open Gear and Fifth Wheel Grease
A deep-black, organo-clay grease, formulated for heavy-duty industrial applications. Designed mainly for the open gear application, but because of its extreme tackiness and extreme pressure characteristics, lends itself to many different applications. Non-melt characteristics.

Red Grease — Extra Heavy Duty
A non-melting, all purpose grease especially formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to provide heavy-duty service. One of the few greases to withstand heavy shock load and impact pressures of 50 Timken load capabilities. Performs at a wide variety of temperatures up to 550°F.

Super Impact Grease
A multi-purpose grease fortified with special additives enabling it to withstand the heavy impact and pounding pressures common to heavy equipment. Will stay in place and not spatter or pound out of the bearing or fitting.

Tuffplate Grease with PTFE
Multi-purpose non-melt grease fortified with sub-micron size PTFE (polytetafluorethylene) and additives for the industrial requirements of today’s users. Will operate in a variety of conditions, including heat, moisture, acid and alkali. PTFE provides added protection by preventing metal to metal contact and giving solid lubricant protection from low to high temperatures.

Ultra High Temperature Grease
A synthetic blend grease specially formulated for high temperature bearing application. Can withstand over 1000°F without breakdown.

White Grease—Lithium Based
A multi-purpose, high-quality, lithium-based, white grease in an aerosol can which gives the grease good penetrating qualities. Provides excellent water and heat resistance up to 350°F.

White Guard Food Plant Lubricant
A pure, white, calcium-based food grade lubricant that has excellent water resistance to prevent washout and insure mechanical stability under working conditions. This product has rust and corrosion inhibitors included in the formulation. Other features include excellent shear stability, excellent low temperature pumpability, white color and buttery texture. Non-toxic, non-staining, odorless and contains anti-wear additives. Will not discolor or oxidize. Accepted by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat, poultry and food processing facilities where the possibility of incidental food contact may occur. Clean up is easy using steam or hot water. Surfaces may be washed with a suitable cleaner and water, then rinsed with clear water before application of
lubricant to prevent contamination.

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