Takes the dirty work out of cleaning up vomit, food spills, incontinency and other malodor sources. Instantly gels and binds liquid and semi-liquid accidents for quick and easy removal. Instantly deodorizes the accident with OCP formula. Instantly covers unsightly accidents. Gel safely flushes down toilets and drains. Biodegradable, environmentally safe and non-toxic

Tablets For Odor Control
Bea-Tab tablets deliver a powerful form of neutralization and counteractant chemical, a clean fresh fragrance, surfactants, and conditioning aids—all in a convenient tablet form.

Contro Mist Air Fresheners
A truly unique combination of 8 ingredients, alters and destroys such odors as smoke, decay, urine, feces, solvent, vomit, cooking odors and more. The metered valve delivers precise spray volumes in an ultra fine mist to effectively freshen rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet. Available in many different fragrances.

Deodorizing Urinal Screens
A soft flexible rubber screen that is saturated with a pleasant fragrance. Will fit any size or shape urinal.

Deodorizing Urinal Blocks
Pure paradichlorobenzene. 100% usable, longlasting and pleasantly perfumed. Each block is individually cellophane wrapped. Available in pleasing wild cherry fragrance.

Dry Deodorizer
Premium Dry Spray Without Ozone Depleters
A breakthrough formulation with excellent performance, bloom and suspension time, ultra fine particles, no fall out, and no residues, this product achieves an incredibly dry spray without using ozone depleters and contains less than 30% total VOC contents! In addition, it includes fragrance made from nature’s best botanical fragrance oils and two odor counteractants for maximum deodorizing power. The dual system quickly neutralizes malodors even on smoke, decay, urine, feces, solvent, vomit, cooking, animal and more. The new light-touch actuator makes for effortless pinpoint spray control, and when used as directed, this advanced formula will effectively freshen without staining or leaving a residue. Available in Cool Breeze, Wild Berry Patch, Apple Pie, and Peach Pie.

Enzy Tab & Enzy Rim Stick
This complete bathroom maintenance system in a disposable one piece unit is so unique, a patent has been applied for. Each time the fixture is flushed, a pre-measured amount of chemical compounds, enzyme and powerful cleansers are released that descale, delime, prevent bacteria growth, deodorize and maintain the fixture and drain lines. Enzy Tab & Enzy Rim Stick attack toilet odors two ways: by removing uremic salts that accumulate in the drain, and by dispensing a mild, pleasant scent. It also helps keep the drain lines clear and free flowing by depositing a micro-thin coating that seals and protects, and by releasing an enzyme that digests most organic materials. The products last an average of 30 days, under normal conditions, due to its unique design that protects the chemical block from excessive erosion caused by rushing water as well as debris dropped into the fixture. Enzy Tabs are for urinals, and Enzy Rim Sticks are for toilets.

Fresh Gels
Gelled air freshener in a can. Just pop the top and you will receive a cherry or citrus fragrance. Lasts approximately 60 days.

Liquid Cartridge Deodorizing System
This system features a maintenance-free, one-piece unit designed to keep problem areas odor free 24 hours a day. A battery-operated fan continuously draws and distributes your choice of pleasant fragrance from a liquid or gel cartridge. The cartridge contains a 30-day supply of deodorizer to provide continuous odor control. This unique system offers a consistent level of fragrance throughout the lifetime of the cartridge. A convenient window allows for easy monitoring of the cartridge level. The small, attractive unit blends in well with any décor and comes with an adhesive backing for easy mount.

Monitor 4 UFO
Urinal Unit
Specially engineered beveled ribs prevent splash and ensure uniform flow-through. Designed to fit snugly on urinals of all shapes and sizes. Each time water activates the unit, a bright blue color is released to ensure that the powerful odor-fighting, scale-dissolving agents are on the job! Contains 100% active material.

Monitor 4 Rim Sticks
Baffles designed to direct the water flow for uniform dissolving of the toilet stick. Water activates the bright blue color of sanitation assurance. Cleans with every flush. Contains 100% active material.

Odor Bea Gone
A safe and simple way to eliminate environmental malodors. Odor Bea Gone is not a masker, but rather a true deodorant which effectively eliminates the source of the malodor. Odor Bea Gone is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-staining, non-discoloring and non-masking. Especially designed to eliminate fire and smoke odors.

Odor Up
Ideal for use in trash cans, dumpsters, kennels and cigarette urns. Leaves carpets with that “just cleaned” scent all day long. Formulated with OCP for 24 hours of long-lasting institutional strength deodorization. Concentrated 1 ounce per 100 square feet.

Peaches & Cream
Odor Counteractant
Peaches & Cream is a water soluble concentrated odor counteractant deodorant. Not a masking agent, this product is designed to destroy malodors produced by organic sources, and many other types of odor causing deposits. Peaches & Cream has a pleasant peach fragrance.

Smel-Repel is a granulated odor neutralizer that can be sprinkled on or near any odor source to eliminate malodor problems. Sprinkle as needed to effectively control odors. One application will last 5-7 days. Also reduces or eliminates pests that visit garbage areas.

Tange A Peel
Odor Counteractant
Tange A Peel is a water soluble concentrated odor counteractant deodorant. Not a masking agent, this product is designed to destroy malodors produced by organic sources, and many other types of odor causing deposits. Tange A Peel has a pleasant mild citrus fragrance.

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