Absorb All
Premium Absorbent
Absorb All premium oil absorbent is designed for industrial use. Absorb All is made from 100% all natural materials. It is an all purpose absorbent that uses capillary absorbent technology. This means the absorbent is engineered for safe, fast, and economical liquid spill pick up. The strong wicking action of Absorb All enables the product to absorb up to six times it’s own weight in liquid and totally encapsulates the spill so that the floor is left clean and dry. Absorb All also reduces V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) by encapsulating the spill. Because Absorb All is so much lighter than clay and diatomaceous earth products, there is less transportation cost for large spills and companies that have to report hazardous waste are in effect cutting their waste generation by 50% or more.

Bake-Off is an effective, rapid remover of baked-on fats, greases, proteins, and carbohydrate residue of animal and vegetable origins. Its unique formula allows the foam to cling to vertical surfaces for virtually unlimited contact time without dripping. This allows it to penetrate and loosen burnt-on soils so they can be wiped off and rinsed clean. In addition, Bake-Off is economical, nonflammable, easy to use, and does not emit any toxic fumes.

A liquid protective shield that blocks out the ultraviolet rays. Protects your plastic, rubber, vinyl, plexiglass, acrylic, leather, wood and painted surfaces. Bea-Glo is waterproof and stainproof.

Bea-Kuul is a multi-purpose semi-synthetic machining and grinding coolant. Bea-Kuul has superior cooling and wetting properties that result in longer tool & wheel life and can be used on a variety of metals. Bea-Kuul is formulated to inhibit bacterial growth and the formation of rust.

Emergency Roof Repair
A natural mineral compound that expands into a gel instantly upon contact with water, to make a temporary, leak proof seal for built up flat roofs. Bea-Kwik can be spread in pouring rain and will move through standing water to stop leaks in minutes. No special equipment is required for handling or pouring. It is non-polluting and will not support flame.

Wet /Dry Plastic Roof Cement
A heavy consistency, trowel applied mastic formulated with refined asphalts, special fillers, plasticizers and solvents. Formulated as an all-purpose repair cement, it contains special additives which provide excellent adhesion to damp substrates. It remains soft and pliable through all climactic conditions assuring a durable, weatherproof seal. It is available in both asbestos and asbestos free formulations. Meets all requirements of ASTM D-2822-91 (asbestos) or ASTM D-4586-86 (asbestos free).

Beaver Brite
Aluminum And Stainless Steel Cleaner A mild, multi acid-based liquid cleaner used to clean and brighten copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. Effective in air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration maintenance. Will keep all exposed metal surfaces, pipes, and coils clean and bright, when used on a regular basis. Nonflammable. Corrosive. USDA A-3

Beaver Seal
100% Industrial Strength R.T.V. Silicone
Beaver Seal is ideal for use wherever a strong, permanently elastic weatherproof adhesive, sealant or caulk is needed. This product has excellent adhesion characteristics, high chemical resistance and will not sag or shrink due to severe temperature extremes. Available in clear, black, blue, white and red.

Designed to remove build-up of power robbing dirt, soil, oil and mineral deposits from air conditioning coils and fins. Keeps air conditioning units operating efficiently. Two products available: acid and isonacid coil cleaner.

A synthetic latex emulsion that chemically neutralizes rust into a neutral organic layer and dries to a tough, long-lasting, black, protective coating. Convert is an excellent primer for all types of industrial and automotive topcoats. USDA approved.

The same synthetic latex emulsion as Convert but in aerosol form.

Asphalt Remover
Dissolve is a environmentally safe cleaner for paving equipment and machinery. Dissolve is based on a biodegradable, naturally occurring organic solvent. It contains no petroleum distillates, but quickly emulsifies tar, asphalt, bitumen and asphalt based plastic cement. Dissolve’s fast action and easy water rinse cuts clean-up time and labor.

Epoxy Concrete Patch
A two-part epoxy patch for concrete. It will give you a fast, long-lasting, efficient way to patch concrete. Easy to work with. Stronger than original concrete.

High Performance Pothole Patch
Effective patching of all pavement surfaces (asphalt, concrete, etc.) regardless of weather conditions. Patch will stick to asphalt or concrete without primer or tack coat. Surface can be wet or dry. Temperatures can be as low as -15°F.

Hy-Kool-FBM represents a new line of commercially available synthetic machining coolants. Hy-Kool-FBM has superior cooling and wetting properties that result in longer tool and wheel life. Hy-Kool-FBM has an excellent extreme pressure additive package which allows for machining of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. This product has shown exceptional finish characteristics on aluminum and various steel alloys.

Hy-Kool 1920
Hy-Kool 1920 is a synthetic coolant with superior cooling and wetting properties that produce excellent tool life and surface finish. Hy-Kool 1920 has an excellent extreme pressure additive package, which allows for machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This product has a long sump life and is very efficient at rejecting tramp oil. Typical use dilutions are 3% to the 10% depending on the severity of the application.

Ice Melt
Pellets of calcium chloride provide quick de-icing and thorough penetration of ice. Strong residual action and no powdery residue. Ice melt is economical and proven easiest on concrete and, when used as recommended, is the least damaging to concrete.

Ice Sycle Liquid Ice Melting Compound
For use through a pressure sprayer or sprinkling can. Effective at temperatures as low as -30°F. Won’t erode asphalt or concrete. No tracking and not harmful to vegetation. Prevents refreeze for hours on walks and driveways.

Jackhammer Super Concentrated
A powerful and completely safe acid replacement cleaning system, Jackhammer replaces acid and acid blend products to take care of a large variety of cleaning and maintenance problems. It is a viscous liquid that clings to the surfaces to be cleaned. This increases dwell time and allows for cleaning of slanted and vertical surfaces. Jackhammer is very safe and easy to use, not hazardous, corrosive or toxic. Also available in ready-to-use quarts.

Kwik Patch
A very fast setting liquid patch for concrete that fills small holes and cracks. Ready for traffic in 15 minutes.

Steel-Reinforced Repair Putty
Kwik-Stik seals leaks, patches cracks and mends almost anything. It repairs metals, wood, glass ceramic, plaster, concrete, fiberglass and many plastics. Kwik-Stik can be drilled, tapped, filled, sanded and painted like metal. Repairs sink traps, oil and water tanks, dethreaded screws and bolts, and radiators. Even works under water.

Lime Go Green
Contains no hydrochloric acid. A concentrated blend of mild acids, detergents, wetting agents, and emulsifiers provide excellent cleaning for dishwashing machines, steam tables, all acidresistant porcelain such as sinks, toilets, etc. Loosens the lime and calcium deposits and floats them safely away. Removes soap scum from shower stalls. Non-fuming.

Lime Gone Red
A hydrochloric acid with wetting agents and inhibitors to help clean and protect metal parts from the acid. Used for dissolving lime, mineral and scale on hard surfaces such as machinery, water meters, and cement trucks. Also use for cleaning radiators, cooling systems and boilers.

Power Kleen I
Sump Cleaner
Power Kleen I is a water soluble, solvent emulsion sump cleaner. Power Kleen I is designed for use in machines prior to recharging machine with soluble oils and semi-synthetic coolants. Power Kleen I when used properly will clean a machine and the corresponding sump of: oil, sludge, bacteria and fungus. Power Kleen I is an essential part of testing new coolants.

Power Kleen II
Sump Cleaner
Power Kleen II machine cleaner is a combination machine tool cleaner and biocide/ fungicide. It is intended for use primarily as a machine tool coolant sump cleaner before recharge with a fresh charge of coolant. It contains a highly effective biocide/fungicide to control bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi commonly found in contaminated water-mix cutting fluids. Those bacteria/fungi are generally held responsible for the unpleasant “Monday Morning Odor” of a machine shut down for several days. Power Kleen II has a detergent action which penetrates oil and sludge build up and will flush out accumulated material in the system. Power Kleen II is designed for water soluble and synthetic oils.

RC-39 Descaler
A hydrochloric acid used to remove hard water scale from hot water coils, steam cleaners and other heat exchange equipment. RC-39 contains inhibitors to prevent excessive corrosion on steel, copper, stainless steel and iron during descaling.

Special Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Cleaner and Brightener
This product is specially formulated to instantly remove soil, grease, oxidation and corrosion from aluminum surfaces. Great for use on aluminum truck bodies, screens, trailers, airplanes and window trim. Cleans and brightens instantly. No rubbing necessary. This product also prepares the aluminum surface if it is to be painted.

Take Off Towel
Graffiti and Spray Paint Remover
Take Off towel is a unique one step cleaning system combining both a high-quality graffiti remover formula and a highly absorbent, abrasive, non-scratching towel. The formulation will penetrate, loosen, break down and dissolve spray paint and graffiti, allowing the towel to absorb and hold residue without redepositing dissolved contaminants back onto surface being cleaned.

Water Treatment
Complete Water Treatment chemicals for hot water boiler steam and cooling towers. Complete lab testing and custom blending to your specific needs.

Winter Guard Ice Control Product
Effective at extremely low temperatures. Do not dilute. Effective around railroad switches, coal belts, link-belts or any vertical or sloping surface. Actually breaks the ice bonded to your surface. Guards against the formation of ice for extended periods of time.

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